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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing ATF 5310.12 2020-2021 Form

Instructions and Help about ATF 5310.12 2020-2021 Form

Welcome to today's presentation from FFL consultants today we'll be discussing the FFL basic guide for completing form 4473 put in form 4473 is also known as the firearms transaction record I'm John Bakker and I'll be your host today thanks for joining us today's training session will flow a lot better if you have your own copy of a Form 4473 to follow along with so just put the video on pause and go ahead and grab yourself a copy our presentation today of the 4473 guide will present the federally mandated instructions the selling firearms in most states without restrictions or special guidelines so check if your state has any special laws and statutes to follow throughout our presentation today we will be referring to the mixing process NIC's stands for a National instant criminal background check system and if your state is listed here in green your nicks and background checks are conducted through the FBI if you're a red blue yellow state your background checks may be going through your State Police Agency and/or the FBI you may have a combination or be isolated to the State Police either way check with your store manager and find out where and how your background checks are completed before we begin it's important to run through some common terminology that we'll be using today and that you may come across in reviewing federal and state regulations for transferring firearms first what's an FFL it is a federal firearms licensee otherwise known as a gun dealer a transferee is a buyer a purchaser the recipient of a pawn redeemed firearm transferee may also be the owner a person authorized to retrieve a consignment firearm a transfer Aurore is the seller typically the FFL gun dealer or firearms manufacturer or distributor transfer is when the transfer arm of the gun deal provides a sells the firearm to the transferee or the customer ioi is the ATF's industry term for the industry operations investigator this is the person who will show up to your place of business do an inspection conduct an audit or respond to a theft investigation and mix mix is the National instant background check system and this process is managed and overseen by the FBI a straw purchase is where an individual may enter a firearms dealer and attempt to make a purchase it does make a purchase of a firearm for somebody other than themselves and typically for someone who otherwise could not and would not be able to legally purchase a firearm due to something in the background a consignment firearm with a firearm owned by an individual may bring it and leave it at a firearm dealer in hopes of selling that firearm as the use firearm or antique or collection to some 1/3 of the firearms business a pawn transaction in which someone brings a firearm into a pawnbroker and uses their property as collateral in this case it would be ...